In this post we will compare Double opt-in and Single opt-in - two choices when it comes to growing your email marketing list.

In this post you will learn simple yet efficient tips for optimizing your email marketing.

Follow the simple recommendations discussed in this post and your email list will grow and stay healthy over time.

Building an email list is a lengthy process but it is also extremely rewarding. A quality email list is a treasure and can earn you good money but only if the email addresses are real and verified. In this post you will see how to ensure high quality of your email list.

Will email eventually die out? After all, it has been around for over 40 years. Instant messaging, social media, and other instantaneous methods of communications are great but are they organized? Keep on reading.

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Part two of email marketing FAQ you were too afraid to ask or didn't think of asking.

Part one of email marketing FAQ you were too afraid to ask or didn't think of asking.

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