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Which one is better, Double opt-in or Single opt-in, has always been a controversial topic for marketers. In this article, we will shed some light on the difference between DOI and SOI. You can decide which one is right for you.

What is the difference

Double Opt-In is a subscription process that involves two steps. First, a subscriber enters an email address, and then automatically receives a confirmation email on the indicated email which they must click for confirmation.

Single Opt-In is a subscription process that involves only one step. You enter an email address once in a signup box. No confirmation is required.

Pros and Cons

A benefit of Double Opt-In is that you create a more engaged email list and hence, you are more likely to keep your email list clean. Double Opt-In gives you more accurate email list since all subscribers confirm their emails and agree to receive updates from you. All these new members of your email list are interested in your product and are genuine accounts. Therefore, you do not have to worry about negatively affecting your sender reputation.

For all of its advantages, DOI is something of a double-edged sword. People want to receive everything fast, the longer the process takes the more likely people would abandon the process. Another issue is that some subscribers forget to hit the confirmation link, which eventually means that they are never signing up to the subscriber list.

According to Cirque du Soleil case study, 20% of signups never get confirmed. If you do some math you will figure out that failed DOI is decreasing your potential revenue dramatically.

Don't stop reading now because we are just about to talk how much faster you are going to grow your email list with a Single Opt-In.

The big advantage of a Single Opt-In is that once a subscriber signs up they are immediately in the subscriber list without any confirmation needed. And you do not have to worry about unconfirmed subscribers anymore. Yet, SOI also has some disadvantages and the biggest one is deliverability issues. There are higher risks that you will be marked as spam and will eventually harm your sender reputation and your business in the long term. Here is where you need us to clean up your email list and not waste your money on fake email accounts.

Which strategy should you choose

It's hard to say which tactic is better since both strategies have their unique merits. To break this down, it all depends on your priorities. You can use any of these tactics as many times as you wish and change the strategies accordingly. Yes, what we are recommending you is to experiment and pay attention to such metrics as:

  • Number of new subscribers
  • Open-rates
  • Engagement
  • Conversion


Now you know the difference between DOI and SOI. You also know the pros and cons of each tactic and the metrics you need to analyze before deciding which strategy works best for you.

Before you make a final decision, ask yourself: what is my goal, growing my email list fast or generating high-quality leads? Answering that question will help you greatly in the decision-making process.

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