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Email marketing is not only for communicating with your clients. It can help you generate leads. However, you won't convert leads if your emails stay unread. You are about to find out how to create the most clickable emails and compel your subscribers to open them.

Here we go:

Subject line

The first impressions are important. Just a quick glance at your email subject and in seconds your subscribers evaluate whether or not to open on your email. Before accessing the content that you have painstakingly composed, there is a subject line that should spark curiosity in a subscriber. But how do you optimize a subject line?

  • Make sure it is relevant to your target audience
  • Make it brief and informative
  • Personalize them

This is not an easy task but that's how it works!


Readers want to see relevant emails and the way to make your email seem relevant to them is to use their name in the email. But it goes beyond a person's name. You should show them that you already know something about the recipient.

Analyze the data you have before you send out personalized emails. Use their company name, their role at the company, their location, the pages they've visited on your site, items they've previously purchased, etc.

Show them that you care about the reader and you are there to genuinely help them.

Body text

This part of the email marketing requires a great deal of focus. How exactly can we create a better email content? Use simple, compelling, brief language. Make it visually compelling to read. Highlight words and paragraphs you want the reader to focus on, use bullet points and make paragraphs short. NO one has time to read long essays in an email!


Inserting images is crucial in order to attract the reader's attention. Recipients prefer emails which are fully optimized with images, font style, and size.

PRO TIP! Don't forget to have an image match your offer!

Stay with us here because we have 4 more tips to optimize your email marketing.


Call to action - this is undoubtedly the most important component of your email. Convert visits into a lead. Every CTA should direct visitors to the same landing page - your website. The whole point of this operation is to make the reader click on the CTA, get redirected to a landing page and be converted into a lead.

Call to action words should be clear and brief. "Download"; "Buy now"; "Join us"; "Register"; "Sign up", etc.

Social media sharing links

It's great to maintain current leads but expanding your leads is crucial too. By sharing your email, you are not only expanding your audience but also reaching more opportunities to get new leads. Every email marketer should do this. Add social media widgets with appropriate links. Yes, it's that easy. Make sure that share buttons are on a visible side of the email and make it obvious why they should share it with their own social media followers.

Unsubscribe link

Did you know that it is illegal not to include unsubscribe button in an email? If you did not, then now you do. There is a CAN-SPAM law that regulates your legal actions in email marketing. You can use unsubscribe link in the beginning or at the end of the email. If the recipient does not find the option to unsubscribe, most probably they will mark you as spam and this action will damage your sender reputation.

Mobile optimization

Most of the emails are opened through mobile devices. Most of the time people check their emails on cell phones since we are always on the go. Don’t you do the same?

In a nutshell, it is important your emails be optimized for mobile viewing. No one wants to receive an email that is way too long or out of proportions. Your emails should be optimized to be nicely displaced across all devices.


While the tips describe above will help you optimize your email marketing content, all your efforts, money and resources spent on optimization will be in vein if you do not address deliverability of your emails. Did you know that over half of the emails sent never make it to the inbox? This is where InboxHit helps. Use InboxHit to clean up your email list, boost your sender reputation and make sure that you always hit inboxes.

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