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There are consequences to buying email lists that you never want to experience. It is human nature to try and cut corners, find an easy and affordable way to succeed - but is it worth doing so through email list purchase?

It is tempting to buy third-party email databases. Don't do that. Rather, be patient and invest your effort and time in building a subscriber list. Now let's see specific reasons why buying email lists is a bad idea.

First and foremost, buying email lists is illegal

The CAN-SPAM Act that has been a law since 2003 clearly states that selling emails - and conversely, buying email databases - is illegal and you could be fined by $16,000. Already, a lot of money is at stake, right? If you are still tempted to obtain such lists, keep reading.

Second. Email lists provide poor quality prospects

The company you are buying the email database from, most likely will tell you that they have verified all the email addresses and will guarantee you that your letters will make their way to real and active users' inboxes. Don't be gullible! They can sell you a list of invalid, inactive, out of date, incomplete, junk email addresses. And you won't know that until you hit "send". If you still decide to buy the email list, for god's sake use an email list cleanup service at least to eliminate non-existing emails from the database.

Third. Your sender reputation may suffer

Why hurt your sender reputation when you can actually enhance it? Sending emails to unverified, poor contacts from a third-party database might earn you a place on the SPAM registry, meaning you would officially be blacklisted as a spammer. Once your sender reputation is damaged, it will take considerable effort and time to recover. This is why it is important to regularly check your IP addresses to make sure they are not blacklisted.

Fourth. Engagement will suffer

No one wants to see unsolicited emails in their inbox. Even if the recipients opted-in originally, it does not mean that they want to receive emails from you. If you do not know who your recipients are, how would you be able to guess what they want or need? That means you can not provide them with valuable content and convert them into your customers. Low engagement means low ROI and that's where you lose the game.

What you can do instead

There are better ways to collect email addresses from people who are genuinely interested in your business. Here are three ethical ways you can collect such data and never be recognized as a spammer.

Put a subscribe form on your website

Make sure you have a subscribe form on your website - the easiest and fastest way to increase the number of email addresses in your contacts’ list. This way, you target your real audience, who actually cares about you and wants to hear from you.

Gather email addresses at a tradeshow or conference

Do you regularly attend trade shows and conferences? That's a great opportunity to not only to meet new people and broaden your professional network, but to also sign them up to your email campaigns. Don't forget to tell them why you are collecting their emails and ask for a confirmation that they want to hear from you.

Use a registration form on your blog or website

If people are interested in reading your blogs on your website, then most likely they are going to sign up for your newsletter. Always put the form somewhere visible on your page.

Bottom line: It is not worth purchasing email lists. Quality is definitely superior to quantity!

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