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It hasn't been long since we entered the year 2019. You may have already come across the updated marketing strategies, but guess what, email marketing maintains its importance and is still relevant.

Here is something that we can both agree on: The more addresses we have in email list the more engagement we would potentially have, right? Well… not really.

What really matters and what really makes the difference is the quality of addresses we have in our email list. What you should focus on instead of numbers is understanding who is on that list.

Here are 4 email marketing best practices that you should use to grow your subscriber list in 2019.

Grow your email list with content

Content marketing is one of the best practices you can you use to let the world know about the existence of your company and reach your target audience. There are different tricks on how to get them to opt-in to your email list.

  • Giveaways
  • eBooks
  • Cheat-sheets
  • Checklists

These are the products you can giveaway in exchange for emails. Make sure that the material you offer for free is valuable. Something for FREE does not mean it should be garbage.

There is another practice to acquire emails from online visitors. Design special offers for analyses, surveys, and tools specifically for your audience. Something similar to what Neil Patel did. He created a quiz with the title "Do you know your earning potential?"

But wait there is more, you can also run a contest on different social media channels. One of the most popular strategies on Facebook and Instagram is to ask users to follow your page and tag X friends in the comments.

Optimize your emails for conversion

After creating valuable content on your website, it is time to share it on social media. Ask your users to recommend it to their friends and share it with them if they are delighted with your product. Add sharing buttons to your content where it’s most visible and add messages like "Subscribe"; "Pin"; "Follow"; "Share this email"; "Email to a friend", etc.

Do not eliminate people who did not engage much at the beginning from your list. Send them a re-engagement email, stimulate their interest and ask them to opt-in.

Grow your email list through your website

I think you will agree that blogging is a crucial part of a successful SEO. It helps you increase search engine rankings and subscribers via opt-ins.

You can put CTAs on your website anywhere you believe is most visible. And don't forget to make the sign-up process as easy as possible. Fewer clicks the better.

What NOT to do when practicing email acquisition

  • Buy an email list
  • Ignore your analytics
  • Not send welcome emails immediately
  • Not double check typos and errors
  • Send the same email message to everyone in the list

Follow these recommendations and your email list will grow and stay healthy over time.

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