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Email is Extremely Popular and Powerful

Email is important because it is fast, reliable, free and universally accessible. If you operate an online business, especially a SaaS business, email is an important asset. Email allows you to stay in touch with your customers and users anytime, anywhere and virtually free. Email communication costs a fraction of SMS communication. Besides email is not limited to 160 characters and allows sending rich content. Unfortunately, this power comes at a price – businesses have abused email heavily in the form of SPAM.

Disposable Email Addresses

When a user registers on a website, she has to provide an email address. Practically every online registration requires doing so. In turn, every registration increases likelihood of getting SPAM because many businesses abuse email. Users want to protect their inboxes from getting SPAM. Because of this demand, there are online services on the Internet that provide so-called disposable email addresses. A disposable email address (DEA for short), often called a throwaway email address, is a temporary email address that masks user’s real email address. The process is very simple and straightforward: a user gets a disposable email address and uses it to register on your website. Therefore, you as a business, instead of getting user’s real email address, get her disposable email address.

Why Disposable Email Addresses Hurt Your Business

There are several reasons why disposable email addresses are bad for your business, especially if you are a SaaS business.

Abuse of the Free Tier

Many SaaS businesses have free plans. If you provide a free plan, your goal is not to allow your users to abuse the free tier. Often, free plan is limited to one account per customer. By using disposable email addresses, users can abuse your free plan by creating several accounts without much effort. Obviously, users could do so without disposable email addresses but DEAs make this task super easy.

Complicating Conversion of Trial Customers to Paid Ones

Most SaaS business models imply the following flow. Someone signs up and starts using a trial version of your software. As a SaaS business, your objective becomes to turn such a trial customer into a paid one. Here is when email communication becomes vital. Email plays key role in turning trial customers into paid ones.

Increasing Churn

Email communication also helps you boost customer engagement, increase retention and minimize churn. Those customers who sign up with disposable email addresses are more likely to churn from your SaaS than those who sign up with their real email address. Disposable email addresses also make it difficult for you to run efficient customer retention campaigns.

The Bottomline

SaaS business operators universally agree that disposable email addresses harm their business. How are you going to solve this problem and protect your business?

How to Protect from Disposable Email Addresses

A natural solution is to disallow signup if a user specifies a disposable email address in the signup form. No brainer right? The problem is that detecting a disposable email address is not so straightforward. A naïve approach is to compile a list of disposable email address providers. You immediately face two problems here. First, there are dozens of disposable email address providers. Even worse, many of them use hundreds of different domain names. Second, domains are cheap and disposable email providers add them on a daily basis. How are you going to hunt down all those domains?


A solution to this problem is to use a third party API that can reliably detect disposable email addresses. One such provider is InboxHit API. InboxHit API is powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to detect disposable email address providers. InboxHit API can be easily integrated into your registration flow. InboxHit API allows you to check instantly if an email address comes from a disposable email address provider. For each email address that you check, you get a score from 0 to 1, where 0 means that the email address is certainly not from a disposable email address provider. A score of 1 means that the email address in question is certainly from a disposable email address provider.

Main advantage of InboxHit API over similar services is that it does not rely on a predefined list of domains. This means that InboxHit API has extremely high efficiency and precision. The bottomline is that with the higher precision you do not create discomfort to users coming from non-disposable email addresses, while efficiently catch those trying to sign up with a disposable email address.

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