Consuming InboxHit API is super simple. You make a simple POST request and pass JSON. In response you get a JSON object with relevant data.

Requests are made to the API endpoint:


Request JSON is given below.

    "apiKey": "YOUR API KEY",    
    "payload": ""

You can obtain your API key on the homepage.


Response looks like this.

  "payload": {
    "wellformed": 1
    "free": 0,
    "disposable": 0,
    "spam": 0,
    "scam": 0,
    "exists": 1


When InboxHit API returns an error, the response will look like this.

  "errors": [{
    "code": 103,
    "detail": "API token is not valid"
  "payload": null

Error code meanings are given below.

  • 100 - Unexpected error.
  • 101 - Bad input.
  • 102 - Method not found.
  • 103 - Bad auth. Normally returned if the API key is not found.
  • 104 - Access denied. Normally returned when the API key is expired.

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