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Clickmail helps you find the right ESP for your business email marketing and customize the platform for greater ROI. Deliver relevance to your customers with Clickmail’s cutting edge ESP technology.


Dotmailer is a brand new Engagement Cloud. It is easy-to-use with powerful technology that delivers unbeatable service. Dotmailer helps marketers all over the world to acquire, convert, and retain customers at scale.


With only a few clicks marketers can create HTML emails and land them to clients’ inboxes. It is powered by Amazon SES and any plan you choose includes unlimited campaigns.


ExperSender helps marketers increase revenue and convention via email, text messages and web. It works with automated contextualization and personalization. ExpertSender has every function you need to run successful email campaigns.

Inbox Marketer

Inbox Marketer delivers reliable, scalable and rapid digital messaging campaign management. The company provides its service across North America. With Inbox Marketer you will have quick and friendly customer service experience to let you figure out any feature provided in the platform.


Mailjet is an email platform created for teams to create, send transactional & marketing emails and SMS. Brands like Microsoft, AVIS, Product Hunt, MIT are the clients of the Mailjet. You send, track and deliver, all in one solution.


Mailkit is Prague, Czech Republic-based company. It provides the most advances ESP service possible. Its specialties are email marketing, Email Service provider and marketing automation. The platform provides you with features such as campaign management, list management, deliverability, reporting, etc


Moosend in an email marketing platform. It allows you easily manage multiple email campaigns and mailing lists, as well as design and send responsive newsletters created on the built-in campaign editor.


With SendinBlue you create, automate and track your results. It helps businesses build and develop relationships with their customers via marketing campaigns and marketing automation. The software allows businesses to communicate directly with clients by SMS or email.


SensorPro is a marketing automation tool. The platform is made and hosted in the European Union.The platform is hosted in ISO27001 accredited data center, Dublin.


eMarketeer is a complete online marketing automation platform. This online marketing software helps small and big businesses deliver their valuable messages to their customers. eMarketeer makes it easy to combine webpages,forms, emails, and SMS to ease your marketing.


Emarsys is one of the largest independent marketing platform companies. The software allows you to have one to one interaction with your customers. The software enables marketers to scale marketing actions and decisions.


Emercury is a user-friendly platform to automate email messages that bring awareness, nurture leads, & convert sales and help you maximize the value of your mail campaign. With this software, marketers can adjust their strategies and advance their businesses with data.


Emfluence is a digital marketing and marketing automation platform. With Emfluence you manage and automate all your marketing campaigns.From time to time they implement new features according to what the clients need.


Emma is an email marketing platform based on the cloud. Its digital marketing platform drives results with personalization, segmentation, and automation. You have all the tools you need to connect with your clients through email campaigns.


Email marketing platform that is open to multimedia campaigns and custom strategies. The company collaborates with numerous industries with more than 600 active accounts. It helps you maximize the success of email campaigns and cross-channel activities.

Episerver Campaign

Espiserver Campaign is a Cloud-based platform that connects content, commerce, multi-channel marketing, and predictive analytics in a single platform. Episerver offers you personalization through Peerius.


eSputnik provides you with a full set of email marketing tools. It is a Marketing Automation Service for e-commerce that helps you to manage multichannel messaging campaigns and automate them.


Flowmailer promises to deliver your emails to your clients’ inboxes and pas over Spam. It allows businesses to send their messages easily and accurately while protecting their brand. Some of the main features are: High delivery speed and rates, responsive templates, communications overview, anti-spam, etc.


Freshmail is a program for sending newsletters, mailings, and autoresponders. It offers free accounts to anyone who has up to 500 followers. You create effective and eye-catching newsletters without a need to have coding skills.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow is providing digital marketing services. Besides providing digital marketing service they also specialize in graphic design for online and offline marketing endeavors. With Green Arrow, you can send transactional and marketing emails.

GTC TeleCommunication

GTC is a service provider for solutions by email, SMS, fax and conference calls. You do not need any special hard or software. All you need is internet access.


Hellodialog is an expert company in email marketing. You prepare send and analyze your email campaigns through Hellodialog. Great platform to give your next marketing strategy a boost with email marketing.

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