Why to Use InboxHit API

Disposable Email Addresses

Disposable email addresses (DEAs) are temporary inboxes. Users who are concerned about privacy, create them and use them on different websites to keep their real inbox spam-free.

For many businesses emails addresses are valiable assets. Email is a cheap and effective way to stay in touch with your users and customers. When users register on your website with disposable email addresses, you lose this valuable asset.

The Problem

Okay now you understand why disposable email addresses are bad for your business. But the question remains: how do you prevent users from using DEAs on your website? Yes, we know what you are thinking right now. Why not create a list of domains and check if a user's email belongs to one of such domains? You see, DEA providers are smart too. They register hundreds and thousands of domains. To make things worse, these domains are added on a daily basis. How do you keep track of all those domains?

The Solution

This is where InboxHit API comes on rescue. We use special algorithms powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to reveal disposable email addresses. This service is exposed as a simple-to-use API that can be immediately integrated into your registration flow. If you are a programmer, you can check out our usage section. If you are non-technical person, please have your developer visit our website. For an average developer it will take about 10 minutes to implement InboxHit API.

Start Using InboxHit API Now

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InboxHit provides solutions and services to boost email deliverability, increase email marketing efficiency and achieve 100% innox hit rate. Use InboxHit API to detect disposable emails, block disposable emails, detect and block DEAs, validate email addresses, check if a mailbox exists, reduce bounces, boost deliverability, increase email marketing efficiency, reduce email delivery costs. InboxHit API is also available on RapidAPI.