Why Verify Email Addresses?

Email verification gives you immediate and tangible benefits

Hit Inboxes and Not Land in Junk Folders

Every time you send an email to a non-existing mailbox, your bounce rate goes up. As soon as your bounce rate reaches 5%, most email providers will start marking your emails as spam. By eliminating non-existing emails from your email list, you reduce your bounce rate and reduce risk of your emails being marked as spam.

Improve Engagement

If you operate a content website, your visitor's email is a single most valuable asset. You might be collecting disposable emails without even knowing this. Why? Simply, because detecting disposable emails is not straightforward. Moreover, when you send to disposable emails, they do not bounce but at the same time they drive no engagement. By using InboxHit, you eliminate disposable emails and improve engagement from sent emails.

Protect Your Free Tier

If you operate a SaaS business or offer free digital content in exchange for user's email address, your users might be abusing your free tier by signing up with disposable emails. You can use InboxHit API to introduce real-time email verification and thus refuse trashmails entering your database.

Reduce Email Delivery Costs

Email is one of the cheapest ways to reach out to your customers. However, if your email is bloated with non-existing, fake or disposable email addresses, you are incurring unnecessay costs. Reduce your email delivery costs by eliminating bad emails.

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InboxHit provides solutions and services to boost email deliverability, increase email marketing efficiency and achieve 100% innox hit rate. Use InboxHit API to detect disposable emails, block disposable emails, detect and block DEAs, validate email addresses, check if a mailbox exists, reduce bounces, boost deliverability, increase email marketing efficiency, reduce email delivery costs. InboxHit API is also available on RapidAPI.